Monday, April 19, 2010

The secret

Ugly shores are soaked in waters
That in vain surround themselves
Foaming treacherously the venom
In a crest above the waves

Crouching close her gentle body
Near to the jaded stone
Melt herself into the shadow
That's emerging from the wall

Drops of blue are playing restless
Underneath the satin dress
To embrace in sin the beauty
Of her pale colored breasts

Red sapphires in a bracelet
Lurk forgotten on her hand
That is drawing empty gestures
In that sea which has no end

Standing hidden in the rainbow
That is bowing over shore
Sent his looks to pierce the body
That is laying on the stone

Not the moon,nor the night
Seem to hide it anymore
Thought of death that is still cutting
In her hand , deep to the bone 

Danut Ardelean

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