Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zeul Pagan

Un zeu pagan a-ntors clepsidra
s-a plictisit de-atatia cupidoni si zei,
a mai tunat in sinea lui odata
si-a fulgerat blestemul spre ei.

Un cantec ruginit se naste-n strune rupte
acum maiastra harpa-si canta mortii,
siraguri lungi se impletesc in necuvinte
ce-nchina o oda sluta sortii

Si cupidoni cu aripi frante
au inceput sa cada din olimp,
o lume noua isi deschide poarta
spre cei ratacitori prin timp.

Si-n asta lume este soare
e fad si segetaza varfuri de pelin
spre cei ce-au ridicat mainile-n aer,
zabind perfid, cu chipul lor senin,

Un zeu pagan a-ntors clepsidra
a mai facut un pas spre nemurire
iar celor multi le-a daruit,
un loc etern in amintire

The pgan god

a pagan god turned back the time
too many gods have got him bored
then cast a spell upon the rats
releasing thunders for himself once more.

a rotten tune arrives from broken strings
unspoken words are telling now the truth
the holy harp betrays the faith
paying the tribute to the dead.

angels having broken wings
from Olimpus begin to fall
a whole new world opens its gate
to receive them, All.

a toothless Sun lightens the world
being upset begins to throw,
at ones who dared god and raised their hands
some pieces from the broken rainbow.

a pagan god turned back the time
stepping ahead into immortality
for all of us he left a gift,
the etenal palce in Mermory.

Danut Ardelean


Anonymous said...

foarte frumoasa

the_blaster said...

21,744 like this ??? woooow good job man