Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Friend

I am asking for my friend
There are so many words,I have not said
I wish I could spell them so loud,
Before ....she left,before she left

The days are waving ,passing by
Today, one day,perheaps tommorow,
They'll bring me news about my friend,
Who's far and safe,away from sorrow.

I asked the shore, where is my friend?
We used to walk along together,
Before... we jumped into that sea of green
To meet beneath the sin, forever.

I chased the waves,I asked them too,
Where is my friend?do you have any clue?
One gives me nothing,the other takes
Another memory of you.

I asked myself, where is my friend?
I tried to look.As far ...as I could see,
A fear lurcks inside ,my fiend
That you already found....another me.

Danut Ardelean

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