Monday, February 15, 2010

The Traveller

He might be seen along the road
It's happening for years,
So odd ,it is the way he suddenly arrives,
The way......he disappears .

His empty eyes are looking deep
And time to time he smiles,
A shade of gesture, that is all he gives,
Whenever he may stop.

A lady saw him once, to pass
The road he took that day,
It,s just another lurking path
Beyond,the yesterday.

The same old road,avoids the cross
Narrowing, up there
For us, nobody came to tell
If it's leading anywhere.

Danut Ardelean


harris said...

nice, bravo i like it

Mr T said...

i´m the traveler :)

Maia said...

hhmmm... so where can i find your book?

J said...

so nothing new here

angela said...

beautiful story, beautiful

andi said...

prefer versiunea in romana

princess said...

ce bine se potriveste poza