Friday, January 22, 2010

Tell no one

Tell no one,I loved you once.....
As once, I, love you still,
Tell no one,the reason why,
You fade ,into a dream.

Tell,no one, you loved me once....
They, do not have to.. see.
Tell no one, I, allways knew,
That someday,you...may leave.

Tell,no one, what happened, then.
When world, was like a bubble,
Tell , no one, we'd wait next day....
Just , to see, eachother.

Tell ,no one, that now....
You're cold.Away, from every feeling.
Tell no one,you've reached the path,
That, keeps away,from dreamming.

Tell no one, I , am still trapped,
Into the word.......Together,
Tell, no one, I lost the scent,
Of.....your love. Forever.

Danut Aredelean

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