Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Story

Trough the haze and darken bushes
Harbinger is sent again
To observe if there is something
In the World,outside his den

Words and voices begin to shiver
Melting slow behind his tongue
Vaguely ancient cryptic meanings
Daring all, too far beyond.

Time to time the heavy crystal
Gathers lightnings from the sky
To surround in light the circle 
That has got inside The Eye

He is standing in the shadow
Staring deeply for a while
Having on his face a glamour
Of the perfect fading smile

Hair falls over his shoulder
Into yellow sandy wrap 
Covering the hand that signals
From beneath the coloured cloak 

In a rush the broken mirror
Gathering itself aside
Reveals a soften image
That is bathing in the light

Then a captive wish is calling
Disturbing the icy  flesh
To implore again for freedom
And for time to live the place

Raising high his wooden crook
Fast he smiths a golden thorn
Which is meant to pierce the body
That had failed to reborn

Drops of blue release the venom
Poisoning the sacred  stone
Calling in a silent whisper
Sleeping demon form his home  

Whining loud from darken shadows 
Scraping restless in the path
Bows his head to get his master
In a saddle on his back

Mountains , break themselves to pieces
To build up an icy bridge
That avoids the living forest
Which is raising from the mist

Speeding up into the hollow
Trouble not from any thought
They got lost within a second
Dropping dead the world behind

And they stop where Winds are forcing
All the roads to join the Rule
To drink water from the fountain
That's emerging from the dune.

The horse went to fill the calyx 
For the master he beloved
Holly water from the fountain
To refresh their thirsty throat

After that he bows with care
Whining in a softly way
Becoming two drops of venin
When he gave his breath away  

Tiny spots of blue are running
In the dust next master's feet
To enrol into a necklace 
For the princes as a gift

In his gauntness hand is hanging
A white fragment of a shroud 
To enfold the precious treasure
That is laying on the ground

The wonderer ,the path that lessens
Joined together in a quest
For a hiding place that's giving
Shelter and some time to rest.

Narrowing to southern border
Another way leads to a gate
Guarded by some burning torches
That lighten the place in red

Two Herumvii dressed in armour
Stare with their empty look
Pointing the spikes to rear
After they have searched the book

From beneath emerge the stairs
Coiling steps lead to the Floor
Which itself splits into the pieces
When he passes through the door

Then he sees a curvy shadow
Covered by a tiny veil
Breathless kissing the canopy
Rounded by the steel rail.  

Looking deep the stunning beauty
He feels that he has to go
Next that bed where the lady
Charms his body heart and soul

From underneath the jaded robe
He pulls out a blade of prey
And encrusts a tiny symbol
On her face made out of clay 

Touching hands embrace her body
That responds in whispered moans
In a way that only master
Could seduce the living ghost

Waterfalls of absent gestures
Searching for the game to close
Hide her neck behind a necklace
Crafted from the venin pearls 

Lively eyes begin to wonder
How long has remained to wait
To melt deep into the other
Destined missing soul mate

Icy hands surround her sadly
And put eyes of green to sleep
Blazing fire in her body
Which becomes a wavy mist  

It's his voice that angry thunders 
Closing words in their meaning
Pushing hard her fragile  presence
At the end of wall's beginning   

Hands are mixing dust with water
To embrace a shape of clay
Which is heading  in a gallop 
Toward stony wall of grey 

Drops of water from the bottle
Rush themselves against the wall
To breach wide in heavy stone
Clear as crystal, the last door.

Howling steps carry his body
Somewhere close to endless edge
Ignoring the World that's falling
Slowly down into the age

Just a harp so bored is roaring
In her strings a mawkish tune
Honouring the buried secrets
Deep beneath the lonely dune.  

So he reaches to the crossroad
There in the mountain's gap
To decrypt an ancient message
Which is written on a slab

Sign of cross in blazing fire
It's  a hard burden to bear
For the one which heartless trying
To follow the path up there

There in a loch is bathing
Queen of night her holly grace
So he wanted in that water
To regard his ugly face 

The whole loch begin to shiver
Waters run hysterical 
To enclose the crippled picture
Into a concentric circle

Evil eyes beneath are searching
For a key to close his fate
Which is written on column
At the entrance of the gate  

Disturbing again the water
With his hungry sordid look
Took away the sharpest splinter
From his twisted wooden crook

He pierces with hate his finger
Crushing it into his hand
And released the blue of venin
That engulfs the golden sand  

Whining loudly in the shadow
From his nostrils blazing fire
Cometh demon stopped  his gallop
To obey again his sire

Precious stones and red saphires 
Prank the saddle on his croup
A long ridge of golden hair
Ends into a darken loop

And they flew over the mountains
Seas of green they crossed them fast
In the end of their journey 
They have reached the lonely path

There next the stony portal
When the master blown the horn
Drops of death joined together
The first breath of his reborn

A purple light breaks into pieces
There under the mountains ridge
To lighten the narrow passage
That is crossing over bridge

Giant hands lift into the air
And  protect him from the frost 
That is covering the hollow
And the arch he couldn't cross 

They abandon the stiff body
To embrace the dark alone
Kissing dead the love that's breathing
Trough the wicked crystal ball 

Danut Ardelean


teodor said...

o traducere reuşită. curge frumos, fără rugozităţi.
îmi place


Pierre De Lune said...

I find this blog absolutely superb, creative, full with softness and beautiful texts! Congratulations… !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

long story not love story

annette gaynor said...

pure magic Danut, I love your work!