Friday, March 19, 2010


The gate

Slowly with your empty steps
There is no pain or sorrow
To reach among the clouds that gate
Surrounded by the shadow

You wished to have stopped on your path
The waves are your guidance
There are some voices calling you
Beyond the gate in silence

The clock is tired now
It seems to tick no more
For the ones who came among the last
Knocking on the same door

Danut Ardelean

Asa cu pasi marunti si goi
Te-indrepti purtat de unde
Si-a ajungi la poarta dintre nori
Inconjurat de umbre

Si-ai vrea din drum sa te abati
Dar undele te poarta
Sunt voci ce parca te opresc
Si te doresc deodata

In urma-ti ceasul ostenit
Continua sa bata
Pentru cei care uitat
De ce sunt langa poarta

Danut Ardelean


hera mariana said...

Foarte faină poezia ta!

Xiomara Beatriz said...

Al abrir la puerta se desvanecen las sombras pequeños pasos no llevar a las nubes donde las voces siguen escuchándose..hermosa poesia !...besos

helene25 said...

Frumoasa poezia, melancolica, putin idilica ......

Claudia Sunshine said...


I wish that God bless your week! Jesus will return very soon! Read the Holy Bible! Jesus Christ is the One Mediator between we humans and God! Ask Jesus into your heart, repent of your sins and experience true peace in your life! The peace that no one can steal! Only Jesus can save your soul! Jesus loves you!

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