Thursday, March 11, 2010


For the first time when you open wide
She looks into your eyes,
She smiles,she says: I love you,
Releasing slow her arms

Since you have forgotten
It had passed a while
She was seeking for the others
For you, She had a smile

You wish, you never met her
You want to throw with stones,
You want her chained forever
No matter where she goes.

Finding yourself in battle
Into your veins , no blood
It is just a thirst that's flowing
The thirst,to be a God

Yes! You are laughing now
You know, you have got the keys
She fell into forgotten
Lost in darken seas

The wine is sweeter now
It has never been the same
Gods are sharing cups
You drink ,you have no shame

When bells announce to you
It's late for all your friends
Alone you try to call her
To hold you from the shades

Tears in the silence
Tell ,It's meant to be
Now the groom is ready
For his bride,to see

Once again she smiles
In her arms ,she holds you
Kissing you the first time
Telling slow, I love you.

Danut Ardelean


mmm said...


Anonymous said...

very god

Suri said...

foarte frumos, nu dau de o adresa mail sau de un id mess sa te intreb ceva, am o curiozitate...


Grenada cu Capsuni. said...

p.s. multumesc frumos pt ca v-ati adaugat la followers!

Rappa_ru' said...

Very beautiful indeed:)...thanks for your visits and because you're following me and my blog:)...have a nice day:)

lorenabr said...

like it :)

szilárd demeter said...

foarte tare,toate sunt incredibile:)felicitari